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The 2015 Queen of Tolerance and her Court.
(from left to right)

Misty Bell, Jordan Countiss, Jennifer Fillebrown, Delaney Hancock, Laura Moreland, Alanna Daley (standing), Hannah Spranger 2015 Queen of Tolerance, Olivia Higgs (standing), Madisson Wood, Alexis Spiotta, Grace Goodley, Elizabeth Coughlan and Gabrielle Cory, 2014 Queen of Tolerance (standing).

The First Lord Baltimore, George Calvert (1580 - 1632) seeking safe refuge for his family and fellow Catholics petitioned the King of England, Charles I, for permission to establish a colony in the New World where they could practice their religion openly and in peace. Unfortunately he died on 15 April 1632, while the Charter was being drafted, and never saw his dream fulfilled.
Maryland was established on 20 June 1632 via the "Maryland Charter" signed by King Charles I, granted to Cecil Calvert, the Second Lord Baltimore. Two ships, the "Ark" and the "Dove" set sail from Cowes Isle, England on 22 November 1633 with approximately 140 passengers onboard. The two ships reached Maryland waters and on 25 March 1634. They came ashore at what is today known as St. Clements Island to, celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation. Today we celebrate March 25th as Maryland Day. Two day later on 27 March 1634 Governor Calvert purchased a section of land from the Yaocamicoe Indians and named it St. Mary's City in honor of the Virgin Mary.
Catholics searching for religious tolerance and the freedom to practice their religion in peace resulted in the founding of St. Mary's County in 1637. Hence our State nickname "The Free State" and the title of the young lady who will preside over this year's County Fair the "Queen of Tolerance" are firmly rooted in our heritage.
The "Queen of Tolerance" exhibits all that is good and wholesome about St. Mary's County. This is not a beauty pageant. All of these young ladies are at or near the top of their class scholastically. All are outstanding individuals and a credit to both their schools and our community. They will become future leaders.

Hannah Spranger is the 2015
Queen of Tolerance

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Pictured is Queen of Tolerance Hannah Spranger, with 1st Runner Up Alanna Daley (right) and 2nd Runner Up Olivia Higgs (left). Read more about these ladies by clicking on the names below. The Queen and 2 Princesses received scholarships of a minimum of $1000, $500, and $300 respectively.
Our thanks to the scholarship sponsors;
PennLine, Booz Allen Hamilton, Community Bank of the Chesapeake, the McNelis Group, PNC Bank, Eagle Systems, Explore Couture, Norris Lawn Care, A-1 Automotive, Dyson Building Supply, and C & C Plumbing!
  • Hannah Spranger, Queen of Tolerance

    2015 Queen of Tolerance - Hannah Spranger

    Hannah attends Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy and is the daughter of David and Crystal Spranger. Hannah is sponsored by the Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy.

    Hannah is a member of the National Honor Society and Key Club. This year Hannah participated in the Key Club District Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. Hannah worked hard for two years to bring her grade point average up from a 3.17 to a 3.5; which she is most proud of. Hannah is currently the Commanding Officer and Administrative Officer at Leonard Hall Naval Academy. In addition to attending Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy, she is also attending the College of Southern Maryland taking English College Courses. Hannah enjoys being a leader and helping at school events and fund raisers and helping others with their challenges. She enjoys volunteering with the WARM (wrap your arms around many) program and other Church events; Annual Yard Sale, Oyster Festival, Strawberry Festival. Hannah is currently working part-time at Camp Marie Retreat Center. For two years she worked as a summer DARE Camp Counselor.

    Hannah plans on majoring in Forensic Sciences and Criminology and becoming a Crime Scene Investigator.

  • Alanna Daley 1st Runner Up

    1st Runner Up – Alanna Daley

    Alanna attends St. Mary’s Ryken High School and is the daughter of Thomas and Julie Daley of California, Maryland. Alanna is sponsored by St. Mary’s Ryken.

    Alanna is a member of the National Honor Society and is currently serving as secretary. She is also a member of the Student Advisory Council and assists the advancement office in promoting Ryken in the community. Alanna’s passion is dance, particularly ballet. For the past five years she auditioned for and was accepted to study ballet intensively for five weeks, most recently with the American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Her most meaningful dance experience however was sharing her love of dance with adults with different abilities through a program with Southern Maryland Community Resources. Alanna gained an appreciation for her dance opportunities by seeing how something she takes for granted can be so rewarding when shared with adults with different abilities and struggles.
    Alanna is pursuing a career in Health Care and Dance so that she can share what she loves best with others.

  • Olivia Higgs 2nd Runner Up

    nd Runner Up – Olivia Higgs

    Olivia attends Chopticon High School and is the daughter of Blaise (pronounced as “blaze”) and Veronica Higgs. Olivia is sponsored by Chopticon High School.

    Olivia is a member of the National Honor Society, the National Academy of Finance, Future Business Leaders of America and Student to Student. Olivia is also dual-enrolled at the College of Southern Maryland and has taken multiple Advanced Placement Courses. Olivia volunteers at the Greenwell State Park with the Therapeutic Horseback Riding program, as well as other community programs including the St. Mary’s Animal Welfare League. Olivia enjoys playing lacrosse and has a passion for horseback riding.

    Olivia plans on pursuing a degree in Biology with emphasis in Pre-Veterinary Science and hopes to own her own Veterinary practice one day.

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Honoring our previous Queens of Tolerance 1947 - 2014

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