St. Mary's County Fair   ...   Sept 20 - 23, 2018

St. Mary's County Fair ... Sept 20 - 23, 2018

Country and City Celebrating Together

St. Mary's County Fair ... Sept 20 - 23, 2018

Country and City Celebrating Together

Due to the problems at the Charles County Fair with Swine Flu, there will be no pigs at our Fair.


The Fair Catalog of Classes is now available on-line.

Click here to view/down load the 2017 Catalog of Classes

The program of events is now available on-line
Click here to view/download the Program of Events

  • How to Enter an Exhibit

    Entering your exhibits is easy!

    Before the Fair:
    1. Get a copy of the free Catalog of Classes at a St. Mary's County Library.
    2. Read the General Rules and Regulations, and the specific rules for each department.

    Pre-Registration (not required):
    You may obtain a Exhibitors Registration Number on the Saturday before the Fair from 10AM to 2 PM at the Fair Office (to avoid the Wednesday rush). DO NOT bring your exhibits on Saturday.

    Exhibitors register and enter their exhibits on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. See specific entry hours listed in the Catalog of Classes

    Entries may be picked up at the close of the fair Sunday after 6 PM until 8 PM for departments G through T or you may pick them up on Monday from 10 AM to 6 PM except for Photography & Arts & Crafts pick up is 1PM to 6 PM and flower pick-up is Sunday only.
  • Hours and Prices

    Gates open at 3:00 PM, exhibit buildings open at 4:00 PM
    Exhibit buildings close at 9:00 PM.
    Carnival opens at 5:00 PM, closes at 10:00 PM (wristbands available)
    Gates open at 9:00 AM, Exhibit buildings open at 9:00 AM, close at 9:00 PM.
    Carnival opens at 10:00AM, closes at 10:00 PM
    Gates open at 9:00 AM. Exhibit buildings open at 9:00 AM, close at 9:00 PM.
    Carnival opens at 10:00 AM, closes at 10:00 PM
    Gates open at 9:00 AM. Exhibit buildings open at 9:00 AM, close at 6:00 PM.
    Carnival opens at 11:00 AM, closes at 7:00 PM (wristbands available)

    Gate Admission:
    Daily: Adult ticket $5, children 6 to 12 $1, children under 6 free
    Season passes: Adult $9, children 6 to 12 $2.

    Carnival Prices:
    The rides take from 1 to 5 Carnival tickets.
    Carnival tickets cost $1 or a strip of 25 tickets costs $20.
    Friday (kids day) 10:00AM to 5 PM, all rides are 1 ticket (children only).
    Thursday and Sunday, wristbands are available for $25,
    a $5 discount coupon is available at schools, and on-line at :

    Click here for the Carnival Coupon

  • Fair Points of Contact

    Our mailing address is:

    St. Mary’s County Fair Association, Inc.
    Box 243
    Leonardtown, MD 20650

    Our physical address is:

    42455 Fairgrounds Road
    Leonardtown, MD 20650

    General Vendor information, click here

    Food Vendors - Jackson Goddard email Jackson Goddard
    Outside Commercial Space - Cindy Spalding

    nside Commercial Space - Willie Goddard 301 475 5190 after 8:00PM

    Horse Pull - Bruce Barnes 301 769 4197

    Jousting Tournament - Henry J. Fowler, 301 884 3390

    Queen of Tolerance Pageant - Debbie Brookins, email Debbie
    Click here for the Queen of Tolerance information

    Speech Contest - Molly Frink, 301 373 2432
    Click here for Speech Contest details

    Baby Show -

    - Nace Bowman - 301 904 2190 Email Parade Committee
    Click here for the Parade Registration Form
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At the Fairground -

Haunted Trail October 26, 27 & 28 7:00 10:00 PM
For more info
click here

Congratulations to Gissell Herrera..

for the St. Mary's County Fair Catalog Cover contest winning design. This year Gissell was a student at Margaret Brent Meddle School, her art teacher was Mrs. Golden. She will be attending Chopticon High School in the Fall. Gissell will be painting a road side sign this summer. Look for it along with the other unique County Fair artwork signs on St. Mary's County road sides in September.

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The Heritage

is a history of the St. Mary's County Fair. This document is a product of the Publications Class of Leonardtown High School 1988-89. Sponsor/Teacher Myra Raspa, and students Angela Coblentz, Sharon Dunn, Kimberly Kliner, Julie Miles, Brian Nevada, Karen Raley, Andrew Stone and Christina Welander.
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Need more information about the
County Fair & Fairground?

The 2017 Catalog of Classes is now available by
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